Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The most common questions we hear

How does this remote monitoring thing work (Pending)?

We attach an RFID tag to the dock of your horse.  It is removable and placed in such a manner as to not annoy the animal.  whenever the horse passes a digital ‘gate’ a database is updated with the horse location.  This location is then aligned to a video camera capable of capturing the horse location.  when you log into your StoutStables account, you are provided a link that handles all of this in the background and presents you with a real-time view of your horse.

What services do your provide for the remote owner?

The types of services provided varies based on the time of year, but typically include a series of rides , exercise, training,  grooming, socialization and play.

How do you bill for services?

Direct billing via credit card is required for boarding and Digital Ranch Hand Services.

What is the minimum boarding commitment?

Boarding horses is a partnership between the facilities owners (Stout Stables), your horse and you.  The most important thing in the partnership is finding a mutual fit.  Not every participant is a fit in this partnership and a probationary period of 60 days is used to ensure that the three parties find StoutStables, the horse and the owner are able to work together.

What if there is an emergency?

StoutStables provides customer facing support 6 days per week 8-6PM EST, Monday through Saturday.  After hours support can be initiated via the digital panic button (*additional fees may apply)

Can I sign up for a long term contract?

Candidates are only eligible for 6 month contracts after successful completion the probationary period

What hay/feed do you provide?

We use locally sourced grass hay based on grower availability, crop, quality and time of year.  This information is shared with owners and some collaboration is appreciated, but there is one and only one type of hay provided by StoutStables for tenants.

Can I show up at any time?

Normal hours of operation are 9-6 Monday through Saturday.  Please call 2 hours in advance and review amenities StoutStables/Calendar for availability of site amenities.

What does the guest house include?

Please see the guest house details on StoutStables/Guesthouse or VRBO listing ##########.

Can you tell me more about the FETA trails?

As a member of StoutStables, you are a registered user of the FETA trail systems and responsible for compliance with the FETA trail systems rules and regulations.

Do you have an acceptable use guide?

Yes, as you can imagine, there are many opinions about horse care.  StoutStables does not pretend to be the end all of horse knowledge, but we do have rules and usage guidelines published at StoutStables/Rules

What does the daily checklist of services look like?

Every equine guest at StoutStables receives the services  defined on the Service Checklist.

Can I bring my own trainer?

Yes, but if the amenities are going to be used, please check their availability and reserve as appropriate.

Can I bring my own <<insert thing here>>?

We definitely want to accommodate you and your horse.  however, we cant have a boarder bring 50 blankets for a single horse.  That said, we have a comprehensive description of what we allow/do not allow on the StoutStables/Rules

How do you bill for services?

Direct billing via credit card is required for boarding and digital ranch hand services.

What does your boarding contract require?

Please review the sample StoutStables Boarding Agreement