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Boarding Packages

At StoutStables, we aim to make it simple.  We will board your horse, we will provide you access to facilities, amenities and services.  We will also provide you accurate and up to date information on your horse daily (water consumption, food intake, health, vet and farrier tracking, turn in/out times and remote viewing.  Some of these services are packaged and some are a la carte.  Please contact us for additional details and appropriate pricing.

Product / Service Categories

Project StoutStables Launch

Wow, buying the land and dancing with the bank, building the 20,000 square foot barn, getting the solar panels installed, installing the rainwater catch basins, getting the guest house furnished and nurturing the Fescue 31.  It took a while, but we have started this engine, are now firing on all cylinders and marching towards our launch date of August 2019.  Follow the epic tale from its beginning here at StoutStables/Launch